1st Friday- Snow Hill, MD.

Art Scene

Last night my husband and I drove to Snow Hill, about 30 minutes from Salisbury, to check out their 1st Friday.  I absolutely adore that little town.  It has so much potential.  Thankfully, it seems that in recent years it has been getting more traffic and art-related business to join its streets.

I have to say that THE place to go in Snow Hill, if you admire art, is BIshop’s Stock.  They have a wonderful thing going there.  When we entered the front door, Ann Coates, the owner welcomed us and invited us to enjoy a wine tasting as we perused the celebrated show.

On the walls were recent works from Ann Hayden, a resident of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Her pieces depicted the beautiful birds that she observes from her home.  The colors, all muted and soft, were one of the most beautiful aspects of the pieces to me.  Usually, it seems that artists who paint wildlife have the need to glorify and exaggerate the palette.  Why do they do that? Nature is pretty enough.

The most surprising part of her show, in my opinion, were the titles of the paintings.  You’re standing there, looking at these delicate birds and then you look to see this title: “I have seen the moment of my greatness flutter” or, “I’m starving”. It was refreshing to see a sense of humor in a title.  Sometimes that’s the hardest part of the painting process to me.

We will certainly be back.



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