yesterday and today.

NapTime Series

Christian is still sleeping, but I am taking a break because my studio is losing its natural light. boo. Over the last two days I was able to put the 1st layer down of two new 6×6 paintings.  Both are inspired by Elliot Island, MD.

Yesterday I started the waterways image and today the country road.  I am learning to be more bold in my paint thickness. This will help my efficiency in this series, I think.  I can still remember my painting teacher telling me that I should lay it on.  I guess back then I was more cautious about mistakes.  I am really trying my best to get the values correct from the beginning- this allows me the confidence to paint thicker strokes.

Here is what I did yesterday and today:


NapTime Series, 1.5 hrs each

NapTime Series, 1.5 hrs each


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