“Once you go away, you’ll always come back.”

My Story.

… I remember someone saying that to me when I first tried to leave the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I had just finished college and wanted to move to a big city, and I did. Even though I was gone, I always found myself planning another road-trip home to see my parents: making sure that I brought my camera and had a plan to get lost.

I moved to Baltimore, Pensacola, Virginia Beach. Now I’m back. There is something very special about this place. It seems that no one but the locals realized it. It used to be common place to see bumper stickers touting: “There’s NO life west of the Chesapeake Bay.”

When I was younger I wanted concerts, museums and crowds. Now I want country drives, kayaking and bike rides (usually with my headphones or stereo blaring). So, here I am again. And I’m going to enjoy this slow life as long as I can.

Here are 3 paintings inspired by life on the Eastern Shore.